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As a licensed Life Coach, I’m experienced in working with a diverse clientele, as well as issues of Communication, Dating, Death/dying/grief/loss Divorce & break ups, Goal Setting, Lifestyle Management, Marriage, Sexuality issues, and Spirituality. As a licensed ordained Christian minister, I’ve helped clients to deal with infidelity, separation, break-up, and reuniting. Couples that complete Pre-Marriage Coaching improve their probability to make informed choices throughout their marriage relationship.

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Rita Richardson Jackson ~ Life Coach / Therapist Online / Author / Motivational Speaker

Change agent, motivator, and leader are the words that have been used to describe Rita Richardson Jackson. Ms. Rita J. gained international notoriety in 2014, after she expanded her clientele via the internet.

Rita J. points to her own life as proof that mentoring is the answer and that success is a choice. Growing up in an upper middle class family in Bessemer, Alabama, Rita J. witnessed... firsthand the important effects of having a professional role model to offer the guidance that every young woman needs and vowed to help provide that to others.

Rita J. completed college and received a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Biology from Miles College in Birmingham / Fairfield, Alabama. She then went on to attend the Ohio State University Columbus and received a Master of Arts degree in Health Education with a focus in Human Sexuality. Since then, she has completed additional post graduate certifications at Fowler International Academy, Harvard University JFK School of Business, Miami University, and the Ohio State University.

Change agent, motivator, and leader are the words that have been used to describe Rita Richardson Jackson. Ms. Rita J. gained international notoriety in 2014, after she expanded her clientele via the internet.

In addition, she holds certificates as Certified Life Coach, from Fisher International Academy and trained with the internationally known Sex Experts Masters & Johnson, St Louis, MO., and completed Sexual Attitude Reassessment training at the Kinsey Institute, in Bloomington, IL.

The inspiration Ms. Rita J. provides to her clients and professional associates is effective in motivating each and every individual to believe in themselves, connect to their purpose and have faith in their ability to navigate transition. Rita is a gifted motivational speaker, Life Coach, and Therapist who holds audiences, and her clients spellbound while sharing with them solid strategies to help them reach their professional and personal goals. Rita J. Jackson is a leader, and top rated life Coach and Therapist delivering compelling, life-changing motivational keynotes and seminar presentations to businesses and corporations, too. Her engaging and entertaining messages challenge and inspire her audience, and clients, too.

More than a keynote speaker, Life Coach, and Therapist, Rita J. is an organizational strategist that inspires greatness in the workplace. From front-line employees to executive leadership teams, Rita J's strategies have proven to be successful in helping employees grow from “Good to Great,” and her clients are always led to in solution focused sessions.
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Really knowledgeable about treatment for cases like mine.

Jan 1 2017


Rita is very wise and was so helpful me while I needed someone to provide me feedback on why I was having so much relationship angst. She allowed me to step back and tease it all out. Look forward to more sessions

Jan 1 2017

Rita was so generous with her take on my difficulty with a relationship, helped me see beyond my angst and anxiety. Very wise therapist and I look forward to continued sessions to explore new skills.

Dec 31 2016
Very helpful!

Dec 18 2016


Nov 30 2016

Rita is amazing and very understanding and accommodating. Thank you again.

Nov 28 2016