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Degrees include: B.A (Bachelors of Degree) in Biology from Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama M.A. (Masters of Arts Degree) from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, in Health/Nutrition Education/Human Sexuality Counseling

My Expert Service

You have found a coach that enjoys working with people to help them learn coping skills and find balance within their lives and peace in their relationships. I have experience working with different types of relationships throughout all stages of life. I work with individuals, and couples. I am here to listen to your issues compassionately and provide you with options as to how to solve your concerns alone or with a partner. Having an academic background in Biology and training as a life coach, you will have the benefits of my resourcefulness on a diverse selection of topics including, but not limited to human sexuality concerns, and ways to unload tension. Generally speaking, and from reviews from my clients, I am thought to be warm, honest, energetic, insightful quick, clear, and intuitive. I am willing to discuss alternative solutions focused options with you, to your health concerns. My consultations are always compassionate, empathetic, insightful, straight forward and to the point. I specialize in human sexuality concerns and other health and biology based practices related to wellness, dietary supplements and herbal remedies.

Experience & Qualifications

30 years + Health and Nutrition/Human Sexuality/Sex Therapy Consulting Relationship and Life Skills Coaching Has experience in managing Health and Nutrition, Couples Relationships, and Dating activities; Sexual problems may be caused by conditions such as hormonal imbalance, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sexual dysfunctions, or dietary supplements and herbal remedies I trained with sex experts: Masters and Johnson, sex experts, and training at the Kinsey Institute (Sexual Attitude Reassessment). Call or contact me on chat.

Alternative Medicine

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Alternative Medicine

Open minded, supportive Life Coach willing to discuss dietary supplements and herbal remedies interventions to assist you in improving health of body and mind.

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