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Sexual issues Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation: Sex Therapy, diet help, male sexuality concerns; Weight Loss.

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Degrees include: B.A (Bachelors of Degree) in Biology from Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama M.A. (Masters of Arts Degree) from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, in Health/Nutrition Education/Human Sexuality Counseling (focus).

My Expert Service

Warm, Honest, Energetic Insight Quick Clear Intuitive. I am here for you to provide deeper insight into mind, body, health, and wealth concerns.Hello: Smile! Be happy! Cheer up! I offer multi level expertise in coaching, sex therapy, and I am a great listener! I am supportive, caring, and I am available by chat, phone, and mail, too! I can mentor and offer you advice, and be an online support for you. No subject is off limits. Don't be shy, contact me now! My sessions are enlightening and uplifting! My academic background, and multifaceted consulting experience in health and human sexuality, provides a solid platform from which I can offer you advice, and answer your questions. My approach focuses on seeking interventions that fit YOU, the client, as opposed to trying to make the client fit the intervention. Feel free to ask about (or discuss) alternative health care options, too. My degree in Biology Education, and Masters Degree in Health Education (with a focus in Human Sexuality and Relationship Consulting), studying with Masters and Johnson, sex experts, and training at the Kinsey Institute (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) has prepared me to mentor you about Health, Nutrition, Human Sexuality Dysfunctions, and Life skills. I'll help always help you to take a solution focused approach to any problem or concern that's we agree to work on. One of my specialties include (but is not limited to), being able to help you see the best path/direction to take to achieve the optimal, achievable outcome in health, nutrition, and sexuality concerns of all types. Rates vary according to the consulting services requested.

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30 years + Health and Nutrition/Human Sexuality/Sex Therapy Consulting Relationship and Life Skills Coaching Has experience in managing Health and Nutrition, Couples Relationships, and Dating activities; I've worked in private practice as a Sex Therapist, and Relationship Coach. My experience in men's health concerns is vast and comprehensive: - Erectile Dysfunction - Impotence - Inadequacy & Size Issues - Orgasm Control - Premature/Rapid Ejaculation - Fetishes - Bisexual Urges - STD's - HIV/AIDS - herpes Vitamin and Nutritional deficiencies My Goals are to help people: Define their problem and be solution focused . Smile and find their “happy” place Whether it is mentoring, advice, or having a question answered, I am here to assist you, at a time of your convenience. Let's connect, now! I am only one click away!

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