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Degrees include: B.A (Bachelors of Degree) in Biology from Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama M.A. (Masters of Arts Degree) from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, in Health/Nutrition Education/Human Sexuality Counseling (focus).

My Expert Service

I will help you to stay focused on your goal! Warm, Honest, Energetic Insight Quick Clear Intuitive. I am here for you to provide deeper insight into mind, body, health, and wealth concerns. Sometimes, it is not clear to us when we are trapped in a situation, because it hard to be objective. Together, we can identify a great get fit, life style path to suit your needs and goals. Are you looking to get toned up, maintain your present status of fitness and weight, or looking to shed pounds? Sometimes, having a partner, and having to be accountable is all that is needed to keep you on track! I can be that online partner for you! We can work out a schedule of check in points, for you, with me, and chat about your progress, too! Your goals are in reach when you are solution focused and accountable. You may contact me, now. I am available by chat, phone and email, too! No appointment needed. Let's connect now! I am only a click away! My degree in Biology Education, and Masters Degree in Health Education (with a focus in Human Sexuality and Relationship Counseling), studying with Masters and Johnson, sex experts, and training at the Kinsey Institute (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) has prepared me to advise you about Love, Health, Nutrition, Human Sexuality Dysfunctions, and Life skills. I'll help always help you to take a solution focused approach to any problem or concern that's we agree to work on. One of my specialties include (but is not limited to), being able to help you see the best path/direction to take to achieve the optimal, achievable outcome in love, health and nutrition, and interpersonal relationships with others. Rates vary according to the consulting services requested. DISCLAIMER : By contacting me you agree that you are over 18 and responsible for your own actions.

Experience & Qualifications

15 years + Health and Nutrition/Human Sexuality/Sex Therapy Consulting Relationship and Life Skills Coaching Has experience in managing Health and Nutrition, Couples Relationships, and Dating activities; I've worked in private practice as a Sex Therapist, and Relationship Coach. I have written and published several articles on love, sex and human sexuality,health and nutrition. In addition to two (2) professional degrees: Bachelors of Arts (BA) Degree, and a Masters of Arts Degree (MA) from the Ohio State University, I have over 30 years experience as a Consultant in private practice. My professional background Biology Education, Health/Nutrition, Human Sexuality and Life Skills Coaching, coupled with certifications in Relationship Coaching, and my intuitive skills to read people, continues to enable me to conduct meaningful, insightful and individualized ..... solution focused sessions that are tailor designed with each client.

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Personal Fitness Trainer online. Daily weigh-ins and accountability checks Individualized Success plans targets your goals