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Genuine Love

She is soooo good!!!! I'm so glad that I spoke to her! She has a lot of good ideas, and was very patient! Thanks Rita J! I can't wait for our next session!

Mar 12 2015
MichaelR        *****Outstanding.

Dec 14 2014

It was excellent talking to Rita. It was my first session, and I feel so relaxed and pumped up and will definitely act upon whatever was discussed in the session. Great session, again !! And I am adding it to my 'Favorite Experts list' now. 

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Building Self-Esteem

Build confidence and self-esteem and explore ways to lessen self-doubt with a top rated therapist and life coach with 25 + years of experience!


Degrees include: B.A, M.A. (Masters of Arts Degree) from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. I am a Certified Life Coach, and I am a Masters & Johnson trained Sex Therapist.

My Expert Service

To boost your self esteem, I will work with you to lessen one or more of these self esteem characteristics: • try to please others • get defensive when we believe we're being criticized • under-achieve or work harder to compensate and cover up our incompetence. Also, are you shy and passive around others? Do you avoid situations and people, too? Or, have you ever neglected or abused yourself? I can discuss ways that you can practice positive communication, and open possibilities to improving your own skills of esteem boosting! You are a one of a kind, unique person! My solution focused sessions may lead you to a better acceptance of yourself, just as you are, imperfections and all! Let's connect, now! I'll share my very own success strategies that may assist you in building your self confidence, and how to set (and actually achieve) your goals. Our time together will solution focused, and directly tied into your very own (ISP) individual success plan to replace doubts and fears that you may have! Together, we will explore ways to boost your self esteem through accountability actions! Serving as your coach and mentor, I will assist you in finding ways to maximize your successes in ways that may relate to performance or interpersonal relationship skills, too. We can discuss ways that you can practice and use self-assessment to: identify and overcome self-sabotage, focus on the positives in your life, as you lessen (or manage) your urge to please others. Be inspired (into action) to move towards becoming solution focused! Yes, I can help you! Contact me now, by chat, phone, or email.

Experience & Qualifications

25 + years + Health and Nutrition/Human Sexuality/Sex Therapy Consulting Relationship and Life Skills Coaching Has experience in managing Health and Nutrition, Couples Relationships, and Dating activities; I've worked in private practice as a Sex Therapist, and as a Relationship Coach. I have written and published articles and reports on love, sex and human sexuality,health and nutrition. In addition to two (2) professional degrees: Bachelors of Arts (BA) Degree, and a Masters of Arts Degree (MA) from the Ohio State University, my professional background in Biology Education, Health/Nutrition, Human Sexuality and Life Skills Coaching, coupled with certifications in Relationship Coaching, and my intuitive skills to read people, continues to enable me to conduct meaningful, insightful and individualized "solution focused" sessions that are tailor designed with each client.ur paragraph here.