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If you are in search of honest but down to Earth counseling, I highly recommend Rita Jackson. She listens well and provides honest yet endearing input on how to resolve your issues in a healthy manner. I think she's great.

Expert in:
Sex Therapy

Sex/Bedroom Therapist Masters Johnson trained: Premature Ejaculation, Female painful sex, Performance, Masturbation Therapy, Taboo fetishes, Urges, Kink, Fin/Fem Dom Porn BDSM

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Expert in:
Sex Therapy

Certified Professional Life Coach, B.A. in Biology, Masters Degree in Health Education from The Ohio State University

My Expert Service

Explore your interests and desires, and develop your abilities to express your sexual fantasies to your partner! This Masters & Johnson trained sex therapist will help you to understand your sexual concern(s) and/or dysfunction(s), and share techniques that may help you to overcome them! I work with couples and individuals on concerns of Erectile Dysfunction, dyspareunia or painful intercourse, sexual disinterest, and other topics that may be troubling you. There are many ways to heighten your erotic sexual pleasure through relaxation, too! Inquire about them, and explore ways to enhance your sex drive! You may discuss your deepest fears, secrets, concerns, and get answers to your questions related to human sexuality! Some common session topics may include but is not limited to: fetishes, urges, performance, sexual interest(s), cross dressing, sissy issues, BDSM, cuckolding, and/or wimp tendencies. Feel free to discuss issues related to bisexuality, homosexuality, cross dressing, Domination and submission (D/s), Erotic Fantasies, Female Led Relationships, Taboo thoughts, Financial Domination (Fin Dom) - Penis Inadequacy/Size Issues - Masturbation Techniques Instructions for Self Help Health Therapy - Orgasm Control - Premature/Rapid Ejaculation - Image Esteem Issues - Sexual freedom - Exhibition, Fantasy Exploration, Role-play, and anything further that may peak your interest(s), or may be troubling you. My degree in Biology Education, and Masters Degree in Health Education (with a focus in Human Sexuality and Relationship Counseling), studying with Masters and Johnson, sex experts, and training at the Kinsey Institute (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) has prepared me to advise you about Health and Sexuality, Nutrition, Human Sexuality Dysfunctions, and Life skills. I'll always help you to take a solution focused approach to any problem or concern that we agree to work on. Being clear about your therapy goal, and/or the questions that you need to have answered will always yield the best solution focused results. One of my specialties include being able to help you see the best path/direction to take to achieve the optimal, achievable outcome for the assistance that you seeking! Rates vary according to the consulting services requested. DISCLAIMER : By contacting me you agree that you are over 18 and responsible for your own actions.

Experience & Qualifications

I’m experienced in working with a diverse clientele that include (but is not limited to: Abuse/Violence, Addictions and Impulse Control Disorders, Anger, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Dating, Self-esteem and Sexuality issues, Sex Therapy, Spirituality, and Stress Management. I have 30 years + Health and Nutrition/Human Sexuality/Sex Therapy Consulting and I've provided relationship and life skills coaching to a diverse clientele of individuals and couples. I have worked in private practice as a Sex Therapist, and Relationship Coach. I have written and published reports on love, sex, human sexuality, health and nutrition. My professional background in Biology Education, Health/Nutrition, Human Sexuality and Life Skills Coaching, coupled with certifications in Relationship Coaching, and my intuitive skills to read people, enables me to conduct meaningful, insightful and individualized solution focused sessions! These client centered sessions are tailor designed to provide solution focused results! Are you looking for enrichment ideas, information, or help with a concern? Tell me what's troubling you, and I can develop an Individualized Success Plan for you! I am a top rated Therapist, and I have several hundred 5 star outstanding reviews from satisfied clients! Session topics my range from advice on self help health pleasuring, and relaxation instructions for therapeutic release, to questions about masturbation techniques for males and females, gender related sexuality questions, sissy issues, cross dressing, or providing resourceful suggestions that may relate to transgender issues, and/or interests. When we both agree, I can develop an individualized action plan for your success in maintaining control over reoccurring urges, public exposure/exhibitionism, porn addiction, and as an option, w can discuss alternative solution focused home assignments, too!