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Rita is remarkably compassionate, grounded, humble, and disciplined. She devotes a great deal of effort into getting an understanding of the needs of her patron, weighing the options with both keen intelligence and intuition.

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    Stress & Anger Management

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Stress & Anger Management


Lessen stress! Learn ways to better control anger! Brief solution focused adult conversations! Top rated Therapist/Life Coach Mentor/guide will help you now! 25 years experie


Education/Degrees Masters Degree – Health Education/Human Sexuality Bachelor of Arts Degree - Biology Professional Life Coach Masters & Johnson Institute Human Sexuality Sex Therapy Kinsey Institute SAR/Sexual Attitude Reassessment PICK A Partner Certified Dating Marriage And Relationship Counseling Post Graduate Coursework Harvard University Relationship and Life Skills Coaching

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Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But managing anger can be a problem for many people who find it difficult to keep their anger under control. You can contact me on an "as needed" basis, by chat, phone, or email, also! Perhaps, you have health issues linked to unresolved anger: These include high blood pressure, heart attack, depression, anxiety, colds, flu and problems with digestion. Let's have an adult conversation about what may be troubling you to a point that it triggers an unacceptable level of anger! Anger is a healthy emotion, and it doesn’t have to be a problem. You can control your anger, and you have a responsibility to do so! We can talk it out and process what's troubling you, and even role play situations in non-judgmental sessions, with me as your coach and mentor! You talk, I listen and provide feedback as you tell me your story. Together, we will identify your triggers, and explore ways for you to cope under pressure! There will always be someone, or something that will press your buttons and create stress in your environment, but there are appropriate ways to deal with others in the workplace, at home, and in social situations. In fact, we can role play situations together, until consensus is reached on what is appropriate and considered acceptable in situations that you are currently faced with, or maybe faced with on the job, at home or in a relationship! We can chat online, speak on the phone, and I can even answer your questions via email for you! Looking for a way to practice your self help resources online? That me! I can do this for you! I listen to all of your concerns and together, we can agree on an (IAMSP) Individualized Anger Management Success Plan just for you! I am a top rated experienced Therapist with over 300 written client reviews that supports claims that I am warm, honest, energetic, insightful, quick, clear, intuitive, and that I make good use of session time, too! My Expert Service I'm open minded and very easy to talk to, about anything. I've worked with individuals and couples for 30 + years. My work experience is diverse and includes: crisis phone advice, coaching, training and education. My Approach I am open minded and solution focused. I am experienced working with a diverse population of people, especially shy individuals. I'm patient by nature, a good listener, honest, open, and down-to-earth . You can be as open with me as you can with your a close relative or best friend. Experience & Qualifications Professional Experience I've worked as a consultant in a private relationship practice, offering personal coaching, and therapy. I can integrate a multi disciplinary approach (spiritual, mind, health, body) approach, as needed. Prior to self-employment as a consultant, my work experiences have included: working at an Addictions Hospital for rehabilitation, crisis telephonic mental health, and consultations as a sex therapist in private practice. As a certified Life Coach, and an experienced sex therapist I’m experienced with a full array of client centered services that may include, but is not limited to: Abuse/violence Anger Assertiveness Work place Issues Communication and mediation Death/dying/grief/loss Divorce & break ups Goal Setting Lifestyle Management Self-esteem Sexuality issues, Sex Therapy Stress Management Resources Men and women health concerns Vitamin and Nutritional deficiencies My Goals are to help people: Define their problem and be solution focused . Smile and find their “happy” place

Experience & Qualifications

25 years + Health and Nutrition/Human Sexuality/Sex Therapy Consulting Relationship and Life Skills Coaching Has experience in developing (and managing) individualized stress and anger management classes, workshops, and my crisis hotline experience, has prepared me to work with a diverse clientele.