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Health for Women

Women’s Sexuality Counseling; Divorce & Dating, Abuse, Anxiety, Body Image, Weight Loss. Erotic Relaxation, Motherhood Non-judgmental, compassionate professional


Degrees include: B.A (Bachelors of Degree) in Biology from Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama M.A. (Masters of Arts Degree) from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, in Health and Human Sexuality Counseling (focus).

My Expert Service

Don't be shy! Contact me to discuss anything that's troubling you, today! Warm, Honest, Energetic Insightful Quick Clear Intuitive. I am here for you to provide deeper insight into your health and sexuality concerns. No discuss is off limits and may range from a simple question about any number of topics that may include, but is not limited to anything from yeast Infection, vaginal discharge, to douching, or painful intercourse. Perhaps, you are looking for ways to maintain your sexual health, or to enhance your sex life by de-stressing sexual tension. Helpful discussions and weight loss coaching, problems related to menopause, or suddenly single and ready to date concerns, are just a short list of things that may be discussed in our sessions. Smile! Be happy! Cheer up! I offer multi level expertise in mentoring, coaching, sex therapy, and I am a great listener! I am supportive, caring, and I am available by chat, phone, or email, too! No subject is off limits, including adult taboo conversations! Don't be shy, what's troubling you? Contact me now! We can engage in adult conversations that are enlightening, uplifting, open, and honest. I talk and listen to your concerns about: Divorce & Dating, Motherhood, Sexuality concerns and more! I can assist with Step by step instruction, Role play, Low libido, LGBT Friendly Female orgasmic instruction, dysfunction questions. My client reviews indicate that I am Warm, Honest, Energetic, Insightful, Clear, Intuitive, and that I make good use of our session time! Some other topics that we may discuss include: • Your Sexual concerns • Feelings affecting normal sexual life • Problems of relating with partner sexually • Low or too high libido/sexual urge • Concerns about sexual orientation and inclination • Your sexual behavior or urges • Inability to climax or anorgasmia • Painful intercourse • Frigidity and vaginismus • Intimacy related issues • Masturbation Sometimes, it is not clear to us when we are trapped in a situation, because it hard to be objective.Sexual problems may be caused by conditions such as hormonal imbalance, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or by prescription drugs and medication. Please contact me for sex therapy which will include a thorough assessment of your general health to determine if you have a medical problem that affects sexual performance. Your sexual performance will only improve when underlying medical conditions are treated. Other sex issues I can discuss with you include: sex positions, masturbation, anal sex, g-spot, orgasm, squirting, oral sex, kegel exercises, sex beads, waist beads, erotic dance, sex toys, fetishes, safe sex, STD's, HIV/AIDS, herpes, condoms, birth control methods, pregnancy, fertility, impotence,vagina odor, yeast infection, painful sex, virginity, vaginismus, anorgasmia, dyspareunia, and more! My degree in Biology Education, and Masters Degree in Health Education (with a focus in Human Sexuality and Relationship Counseling), studying with Masters and Johnson, sex experts, and training at the Kinsey Institute (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) has prepared me to advise you about Love, Health, Nutrition, Human Sexuality Dysfunctions, and Life skills. I'll help always help you to take a solution focused path.

Experience & Qualifications

30 years + Health and Nutrition/Human Sexuality/Sex Therapy Consulting Relationship and Life Skills Coaching Has experience in managing Health and Nutrition, Couples Relationships, and Dating activities; I've worked in private practice as a Sex Therapist, and Relationship Coach. I have written and published several articles and downloadable reports on love, sex and human sexuality,health and nutrition. In addition to two (2) professional degrees: Bachelors of Arts (BA) Degree, and a Masters of Arts Degree (MA) from the Ohio State University, I have over 35 years experience as a Consultant in private practice. My professional background Biology Education, Health/Nutrition, Human Sexuality and Life Skills Coaching, coupled with certifications in Relationship Coaching, and my intuitive skills to read people, continues to enable me to conduct meaningful, insightful and individualized ..... solution focused sessions that are tailor designed with each client.